Inspector Gadgets niece Penny and her hacking device disguised as a book was a part of my inspiration to get into computing in the 80s. If you want more girls in STEM write awesome characters in kids TV like Penny. Encourage girls earlier.

Of course it's only a part of the way you build that. Encouragement needs to be in Education, don't keep to the stereotype of girls don't do math. But normalising the idea of girls being able to hack was the amazing thing about Penny. I loved watching her saving Gadget constantly

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I'd also argue that seeing someone like you, who is young and doing techy/science things makes a huge difference as inspiration. So there's an argument for writing diverse characters who do what Penny did. I have no idea what characters can inspire kids now.

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@onepict I loved that show as a kid. Sometimes it's on TV really early in the morning. That book-computer was so cool too, I'd forgotten about that.

I remember it playing during summer holidays as repeats in the late 80s early 90s.

@onepict It drove me up the wall how she never got credit for her work, for having to bail out Uncle Gadget constantly. Maybe there’s a kind of wisdom to her stealth. But both Penny and Brain deserved better.

Yeah occasionally I think it was a useful preparation for certain aspects of work life. 😏

@onepict I love Penny and her computerbook! 💖🙆🏽‍♀️

Which is part of the reason why the live action films really screwed with her character.

Yeah I'm not sure what the new cartoon series is like, the description of her character sounds awful, she's a junior agent now, but when off duty "acts like a normal teenage girl" 🙄🤬 Normality is overrated.

@onepict Ugh. And Penny isn’t a teenager! She is supposed to be a little girl genius hacker sleuth. It empowers much more that way for little girls when a teen girl is more aspirational at such an age. That description does sound unfulfilling.

When you look at The new She-Ra series and Stephen Universe, there is no excuse for such slack characterisation. It misses the point that Penny also read books which is why her hacking device was a book. The original series was brilliant. Well what I remember of it with my nostalgic tinted glasses.

@onepict @Shufei and an incompetent man kept taking credit for her hard work, just like real life!

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