I am very honoured that @hopeconf has chosen my presentation as part of their programme at .
- or Why You Should Start Worrying About Encryption Backdoors and Mass Data Collection on Sunday 2nd August 1400 UTC.

How do we communicate the dangers of to our non technical friends and families? How do we then inspire them to help usafter we have frightened them? How do we restart those conversations? My presentation will hopefully help.

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There are lots of presentations at @hopeconf this year that are about restarting those conversations and fighting for our privacy. If you haven't checked it out please consider doing so.
We all need hope right now. I'm glad to be a part of it.

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@onepict normies typically don't give a shit about stuff until it affects their kids or cute girls and/or pets. :blobcattilt:

True, although they can be persuaded, it's why trying to get the mainstream media is important and to share that content when they can actually be bothered to report on this. The more resources and content we can point at the easier it gets to form a scary but more digestable message. It may well be pointless, but we have to try. I'd rather keep doing that, than giving up and proving that apathy will protech the providers of .

We also need to find all those old clipping of articles on this, like the 2018 Bloomberg article on DNA testing providers and the fact you can't delete your data. Somehow I need to find the time and energy to start writing some articles and archiving the links.

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