I'm so angry about Nominet. It's a monopoly for UK domains. It may not mean mean much for the average person who buys a domain, but Nominet have been raising the price for UK domains over the years. The costs ultimately get billed to the customers. Either through sneaky ways by some providers or direct price rises. Nominet used to put it's profits directly into charity, unlike RIPE which pays it back via discounts to its members. Nominet has scaled back its charitable donations drastically.


The publicbenefit.uk website has a pretty good summary of how so many registrars got here. You can also scroll down to publicbenefit.uk/#support and look up your webdomain to see if your registrar supports the EGM. If they don't perhaps consider if this is a reason to contact them.

Do you want a more ethical hosting service, or is it just a race to the bottom with how cheap you get your services? This is one of those moments in time that you get to see.

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