What3words legally threatening a researcher. Thread👇
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Their demands are:

1. Delete all copy of "What Free Words" software.
2. Reveal the identities of those I shared it with.
3. Agree I will not make further copies or distribute it.
4.Delete any Tweets that make references to "What Free Words".

I have until May 7, 2021 to comply.

@onepict I'd like to thank them for making the Swatch Beats of locations: unusable without permission and completely irrelevant now that they've gone and sued folks over it.

They have always been full of it. Puff pieces and threatening people. It's about time they had proper scrutiny, especially as they are being used by emergency services. I hope folks spread Aaron's story far. What3words deserves a fuck ton of scrutiny.

@onepict @deejoe @craigmaloney I did okay. I completed it in 1:47:35.7, which is a PR by about 7 minutes, or 30 seconds per mile.

Yes, the anger of what3words threatening me helped push me through some challenging spots.

That's awesome, well done. It's good when we can use our anger to push us through. I've often found motivation in spite of others. I hope you have some rest planned now. 🙂
@deejoe @craigmaloney

@onepict @deejoe @craigmaloney Thanks! I'm still a little on edge, but will feel better after May 7th. I slept well last night though. Most of the anxiety is gone.

That's good. Somehow I think you will sleep well tonight and tomorrow
bask in the achievement. Enjoy being nackered after a run. You've earned it.
@deejoe @craigmaloney

@onepict I abandoned W3W when they started ramping up their legal cases. Open Location Coffee did most of what I wanted, had multiple free implementations, and had a client good enough I can tell my partner where to find me in a strange town.

Sad though, they had potential if they do this.

@ifixcoinops @dmoonfire
🤦‍♀️Clearly I need more coffee. 😂But I can't find any information about Open Location coffee either.

@onepict @ifixcoinops I should start drinking coffee before answering. Open Location Code is what I meant, it's Apache licensed and one form doesn't even need network connectivity.

Ah that makes sense, I just thought some java deprived developers made their own location system for coffee shops 🤣🤣🤣

"You know, before coffee, I'm up, I'm walking around, but I'm not awake." Liutenant Columbo

@onepict @ifixcoinops

I inherited the ability to carry a conversation but not remember what it was. We don't have conversations before coffee in my house. At least not decision making ones. 😂
@dmoonfire @ifixcoinops

@ifixcoinops @onepict Sorry, my responding on the phone is always filled with errors. That and the length of the response will tell you if I'm on the keyboard or a phone. 😋

What I meant to say was Open Location Code.

No problem I have similar problems with the predictive text on my phone.

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