What3words legally threatening a researcher. Thread👇
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Their demands are:

1. Delete all copy of "What Free Words" software.
2. Reveal the identities of those I shared it with.
3. Agree I will not make further copies or distribute it.
4.Delete any Tweets that make references to "What Free Words".

I have until May 7, 2021 to comply.

@onepict I abandoned W3W when they started ramping up their legal cases. Open Location Coffee did most of what I wanted, had multiple free implementations, and had a client good enough I can tell my partner where to find me in a strange town.

Sad though, they had potential if they do this.

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🤦‍♀️Clearly I need more coffee. 😂But I can't find any information about Open Location coffee either.

@onepict @ifixcoinops I should start drinking coffee before answering. Open Location Code is what I meant, it's Apache licensed and one form doesn't even need network connectivity.

Ah that makes sense, I just thought some java deprived developers made their own location system for coffee shops 🤣🤣🤣

"You know, before coffee, I'm up, I'm walking around, but I'm not awake." Liutenant Columbo

@onepict @ifixcoinops

I inherited the ability to carry a conversation but not remember what it was. We don't have conversations before coffee in my house. At least not decision making ones. 😂
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