It's either a denial, or Hancock is clueless. Why not both? Either way I don't think most people want their data in the hands of Palantir, or the People who were with Cambridge Analytica. That's before you get to what Palantir's secondary market is: the Insurance Industry.....
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Dawn Butler - You say people are very enthusiastic to give away their NHS data... are you aware that Palantir & Faculty have links to the disc…

@onepict Hancock squirms as he fails miserably to to answer questions, but there seems to be a 'couldn't care less' arrogance in his demeanor too.

Yes. It's an attitude mirrored across this current government.

@onepict Have you ever read anything on the culture at Eaton?
Stomach churning!

@onepict Come to think of it, I have little idea if he went there, but most it seems did.

@onepict Also really refreshing seeing a woman of colour grilling a white over privileged man!

@onepict @greenpete the only bright spot about which is that they're so confident they're untouchable that they'll never see it coming

Now there's a thing, will they ever meet justice face to face? Not many do...

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