A bit of the boy who cried wolf here. Several people (including instance admin took those notices very seriously and consulted their lawyers. Shades of the University of Minnesotas Linux bugs introduction there. Be interesting to see the investigation of how this got the go ahead
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How do websites implement the data access rights provided by European Union & California privacy law? I’m running a study to find out. T…

First heard about this from @tek. I'm appalled on any admin behalf. This doesn't help online privacy at all.

And another thread and blog post about how sketchy this study was.
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I wrote a blog post for anyone who's curious about the details: lifeofaudrey.com/2021/12/16/sk

Another article about this. Folks who conduct these studies need to realise that while they were targeting at "businesses" there are humans who are operating these orgs. Phishing them in the name of science isn't appropriate, or particularly ethical.
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Folks who care about privacy and see the importance of the laws did take these emails seriously. That study should never had had the go ahead. It wasted people's time, money and peace of mind. It undermines these laws and their processes. Crying wolf.

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@RossTeixeira, @jonathanmayer, and Gunes Acar at @Princeton emailed countless websites demanding information about their GDPR and CCPA data access request processes, using fake…

Thanks, I saw it first a few days ago and I saw Tek on the other site as well. I think this and the Minnesota kernel poisoning exercise show something fundamentally lacking in terms of computer science and ethics at the moment. Considering the effects on other humans. Which when you think about, does explain startups like ring and the recent drones patrolling the borders startup in the US.


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Frame the idea as an abstract issue it's very easy to ignore the human factor, the complexity of what a person running a website or an org may be going through. I'm angry about the stress, money and lost manhours for various organisations with this utter crap. Princeton and the researchers need to be hauled over the coals for this. Even Mike Godwin commented it was unethical.

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