@onepict looks like the cops and news media in both UK and NL are *really* milking the Encrochat arrests for publicity; I even suspect this is the *real* reason BoJo is boasting about clamping down on middle class drug use as a big part of the work has already been done. and it wasn't even achieved due to backdoors in existing crypto, but a combination of poor design by the techbros who made the system and old fashioned Police work....

Yeah, the whole affair did seem like shooting fish in a barrel for the police. But I worry that law enforcement will use it as an example of why they need backdoors. Because those who don't understand how folks were caught will lap it up.

@onepict @vfrmedia Wasn’t the point of encrochat that they got criminals to be almost the only users of a communication network run by the police?

@ArneBab @onepict

Encrochat was even more a PR gain for European law enforcement due to the toxic masculinity associated with its users; who weren't simply drug dealers and users but seemed to actively enjoy the "hard man" culture of violence with weapons, fast cars, flashing around money, driving under the influence, all things that are going to anger people who don't partake of them far more than simple drug use (which can be relatively unproblematic in moderation)

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