(and don't even get me started on any so called "Star Trek" that came after DS9! 😤)

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This is so depressing. As DS9 seasons progress, it becomes more military and more religious than ever. It's the exact opposite of Roddenberrys original vision. It's dark and gloomy, it's conservative. It's quite American, suggesting that religion and science are two sides of the same coin. They're really not.
DS9 is only a little less dark than the news lately :/

Habe die Tage einer Freundin geholfen beim Renovieren. Jetzt sieht meine Uhr viel spaciger aus 👍😎

Favourite evil dude Gul Dukat (ca. 1997): "i had to make cardassia strong again!", explaining his occupation of . I think the cardassians were meant to represent the Nazis. Well, nowadays he sounds alot like someone else.... 🤨

@xHain_hackspace weil Tw!tter spinnt, hier nochmal: braune Beine sind einfach schöner 😝

Nur noch Beine einfärben und Regalbretter einlegen. Und dann haben wir ne vernünftige Nähecke. \o/

Ich lasse das Bild mal unkommentiert. Spricht ja für sich - und ist aktueller denn je.

Aaaaaahhh! Freiheit!!! Der Sommer kann kommen, die Wolle darf weg 😊😊

Supplement: I had used Lubuntu for many weeks now. I hadn't realised how annoyed I was by it. It's been less than 24hrs back to my "normal" system and it feels like such a relief! I thought it would only be a matter of getting used to a new environment. It's not. I'm not entirely sure what it was to be honest. I guess Lubuntu felt sluggish somehow.

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Wiped Lubuntu, replaced with arch: 33seconds boot. Seems like I'm stuck forever with Arch then... 🤷‍♀️

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Oh man. So I had Lubuntu installed on my new laptop, thinking that it's so high performance compared to my old one, that the large Ubuntu overhead will not make much difference compared to the slim arch installation on my old one. Guess again. Lubuntu on new machine: 56 seconds to boot up, arch on my old machine: 24 seconds to boot.

Haha! "House of Quark"... Qapla'! 😁
... What's your favourite DS9 episode?

Quote B'Elanna Torres: "It may be the warriors who get the glory, but it's the engineers who build societies."

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Hochschul- und -Netzwerke wie masken.berlin von @xHain_hackspace, @cadus_org, @BeuthHS u.a. und für wie von ProjectCarola.org zeigen, wie die -Versorgung im Großraum Berlin geht und was gg. leisten kann! twitter.com/dgimev/status/1257

muahaha! *facepalm
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We all occasionally worry our projects don’t deliver the intended benefits.

But take comfort in seeing how Apple have spent millions on machine learning and hired some of the finest minds in the industry in order to offer this quality of insight.

Nein, das sind keine Servietten. Das sind 20er Bündel für unsere Näherïnnen .... Quasi sowas wie Gold im Jahre 2020.

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mit Kooperation vom HZB: frisch aus dem Lasercutter in Wannsee: Stoffe für 348 Behelfsmasken Größe L😍😍 tausend Dank an meinen fleißigen Arbeitskollegen!

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