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Hello World! I decided to skip the last few weeks due to GPN, RP22 and work related personal stuff, but I'm now back to offering tours in Berlin to FINTA+friends folk.
I will be creating weekly polls for tour dates, the poll for next week is now available (DM me!).

Tours are possible until the end of July. I will NOT continue to post reminders here, so DM me anytime up until 24th July to get the poll of the upcoming week.

Conditions listed in the next post.

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Quote B'Elanna Torres: "It may be the warriors who get the glory, but it's the engineers who build societies."

An einer Schule in Berlin haben Schü­le­r:in­nen eine Black History Class entwickelt.
„Die Bundesländer [machen] wenige Vorgaben, ob und wie Schulen die deutsche Kolonialgeschichte behandeln sollen.“

Black History Matters
von Ralf Pauli
vorgelesen von taz-Leserin Gabriele.

- Zum Lesen und Anhören: @tazgetroete
- Zum Abonnieren: #tazVorgelesen

Installing stuff on my work computer.
<sarcasm> Thank you National Instruments, for these amazing opt-out options! </sarcasm>

We celebrate the life of Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek actor, trailblazer, and role model, who symbolized to so many what was possible. She partnered with us to recruit some of the first women and minority astronauts, and inspired generations to reach for the stars.


Hat jemand Tipps, wie eins den Endokrinologen überreden kann, Progesteron zu verschreiben? Istzustand: kein Progesteron, Gynokadin-Gel, Androcur, prä gaop. Würde gern ein bißchen vom Androcur runter auch wenns aktuell niedrig dosiert ist, außerdem überlege ich noch Zink als Nahrungsergänzung zu nehmen (DHT senken), das könnte vielleicht mein T-Level erhöhen… vielleicht hilf Progesteron da, wäre aber nur gefährliches Halbwissen von meiner Seite :)

Alles nach Vorschrift. Sogar mit Handlauf für Rollstuhlfahrer.

Do it blind im @metalab ist wieder am Montag 1. August 17:00. Wir machen die Makerbewegung für blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen zugänglich.

My current electric wheelchair is worn out and actively dangerous, and so unreliable I don’t trust it to even work. I’ve started a gofundme to buy a new lightweight modern one. I’ll be grateful for any donations, or just a share if that’s what you can do.

Swirls of wind The #JunoMission completed its 43rd close flyby of Jupiter & imaged these vortices, or hurricane-like spiral wind patterns, near the gas giant’s north pole. These strong storms can be over 30 miles (50km) high & hundreds of miles across.

Oh. New Fedilab update in Fdroid. It finally works again :)

But meh, looks like the user interface changed, I now have to relearn how to use the app again :/

I'm always lazy when it comes to using apps.

#2649 Physics Cost-Saving Tips 

I got banned from the county fair for handing out Helium-2 balloons. Apparently the instant massive plasma explosions violated some local ordinance or something.

My friend's kid is a 14 year old enby and they asked if knew any "cool cafés" that parents and child could visit in #Amsterdam and #Berlin. Hit me with your family friendly queer cafs, plz.

Jupiter and Ring in Infrared from Webb

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI; Processing & License: Judy Schmidt #APOD

Meh. I was going to post some images, but I don't understand the interface of AndStatus. I only seem to be able to add one picture, and I've no idea where to add an image description. And Fedilab seems totally broken since the last 2 updates. So I guess: no more posting pictures.
It's 32°C at night, I don't have the energy to fiddle around with annoying app interfaces.

silicon nipple cover pads 

This is what they look like, in case you've never seen one.

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so it's that time of year again, where I'm wondering what can I wear to work, that doesn't make me sweat too much, but doesn't reveal too much of my female body, which causes stares from male colleagues (aka sexual harassment).

time to pull out the silicon breast cover pads! no need to wear (sweaty) bra's, still protects me from stares. best invention ever! \o/

I wish we would live in a world, where dudes simply behaved themselves instead though :\

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