Step 1: sand it down until the shape is pretty but the looks are horrible. Step 2: break your back sanding it down to smoothen the surface. Step 3: Lose your patience, cover everything in more epoxy instead. Step 4: DONE! Celebrate!

I can't believe we actually finally finished the bar table top! We originally wanted to be done by November (muhahaha!)
We even wiped down three whole room and cleared the toxic fine powder dust. All in one session. Wow.
It was a loooong day! 😴
I'm so happy we're finally finished. Phew 😊
And it's SHINY ✨✨🤩✨✨


Just for the record. This is how messy the basement looked before, plus everything was covered in several mm of white epoxy dust powder in the end. Tidying up was NOT fun.

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