Due to spammers, we will keep the registrations for this instance closed. We are allowing users to send out invites to this instance instead. Please use the invites for anybody you'd like to see on

@ordnung I had to do the same!

Link spam isn't it?
Outdated technique but annoying nevertheless

@arjenpdevries Yes, and lots of it, and it starts up again if you open regs again. Accounts are registered and after a semi-random timeout they post their statuses.

@pinkprius @arjenpdevries As we're already pretty large and have always aimed to be a somewhat cohesive gorup instead of a random instance, allowing all users to send out invites sounded like a good concept to us. We'll see how it plays out.
(If Mastodon were to add a good, accessible captcha, that might help, but who knows.)

@allo within your settings there should be a section "invite people"

@ordnung how about a "everyone gets 1-2 invites per week" like in the diaspora closed beta?

@amenthes this isn't an option currently available in mastodon. And we also don't want to limit it for no reason.

Sooo I'm new to Mastodon, but why is it that all the posts I ever see are either about how there are lots of spammers or how this node is now running an updated version of Mastodon ? It feels like my feed never refreshes.

@casey it seems that you only follow our public announcement account. So to see more you could take a look at the local timeline and follow some other people :)

That would explain it lol. Sorry I k ow absolutely nothing about this.

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