Follow has grown rapidly last week. To allow things to settle, we'll keep the registrations closed and invites off for now. We'll enable user invites again as soon as we feel that a new influx won't hurt the local community too much. Stay tuned for a blog post on the topic.

If you want to join a German instance, consider, if you're looking for an anarchist one, have a look at If you/your friend *need* to be here, send a mail to contact@.

@ordnung Thanks for all your work, time and thoughtful consideration! :) @leah @rixx

Sounds reasonable thanks for your work and time :3

@ordnung seems to have registrations closed as well (don't know about invites, though).

@pinkprius @uniporn @ordnung registrations are on/off. You could ask @admin for details if you'd like

@joop @pinkprius @uniporn @ordnung

"ℹ️ :todon: Open registration is now enabled again. Still between noon and midnight Amsterdam time (UK -1, NY -6). Invite only outside these hours (starting again in 4 hours)."

@joop @pinkprius @uniporn @ordnung BTW: This is not *only* an anarchist instance, but a generic leftist/progressive/activist instance (although we don't accept tankies).

There is also and

@admin @joop @pinkprius @uniporn Yeah, sorry about that – the status was very close to 500 chars already, and there was not much space to recommend others (and your instance is fairly close to ours, I think). We're currently sending lots of people towards joinmastodon, let's hope they run into the cool other instances there, too.

@joop @pinkprius @uniporn @admin So you're saying it's an on-again-off-again kind of relationship?

@ordnung @rixx Thanks for such a steady hand on operating this platform. <3

It's wise to be conservative about growth.

@ordnung Is there a blog post or something going into some technical detail how you’re scaling your instance?

@ralf No, there isn't, apart from a mention of our server stats in our birthday blog post and some talks. But it's not fancy, most of the time we add some disk space when deleting non-local media doesn't cut it any longer.

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