Mastodon v3.0.0 brought us an admin UI option to disable search engine indexing for all accounts that haven't set it manually before. We have enabled this setting on

We think opt-in is better than opt-out so if you want your toots to be indexed by search engine providers in the future please review your settings.

@ordnung Have you considered doing the same with the "Hide my network" setting?

@ordnung seems it was not set for my account, though. Just wanted to opt in and found the setting still disabled.

@esureL I did not mean the UI element being disabled but the feature not being active. I had understood @ordnung's post sich that this should now be checked, and this enabled, on all accounts. Sorry for being fuzzy in my language.

@marix Aah, gotcha! :)

And you're sure that you haven't changed anything in the past?

As for me, I'm pretty sure that I wanted my posts to be indexed, so the current setting seems about right for me (but it's a really weak test case, obviously :D).

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