We are aware that there are some (short) outages over the last weeks. We want to inform you that we are working on the problem.

Currently we observe two kinds of outages. Multiple short outages resulting in 502 errors and two crashes of our hardware.

We had an intense time on congress helping to create a great event, but this also lead to less time to look into problems here. Also we needed some recovery time after congress. So please be patient. We are still doing this in our spare time.

Oh and here are some metrics. That's the reason why we decided that the problem is less urgent and doesn't need immediate attention.

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@ordnung Thank you for taking care and offering this great space! :) And please always take time for self-care. That's important!

@ordnung was nutzt ihr denn fürs monitoring? 😇😋

@ordnung da man euch nicht genug danken kann: Danke für diesen tollen Dienst.

@ordnung thanks for taking care and don't worry, self care is more important than mild annoyance

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