We had a system crash and a downtime of 30 minutes. We are currently debugging the cause.

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We could located the error in a driver issue with the Intel network card. We think this issue was also the cause for previous crashes. We have installed a workaround that should mitigate the problem while waiting for a upstream patch in the kernel.

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@ordnung For me it looks like a problem with the routing/switching within hetzner. Some of my instances in FSN were also out of reach via DTAG, Level3 & Telia.

@zenja seems like a reboot fixed it so I'm not sure if the problem is the same.

@zenja @ordnung It was very slow before. That could be the network problem. But not the crash.

@f2k1de @zenja when do you observe the slow performance? The switching problem was in dc10 not in dc14.

@ordnung @zenja around 20:30 - 21:05. Images and profile pictures were really slow.

@f2k1de @zenja can't see any performance issues in the monitoring. Maybe this had a local source?

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