Maybe you've noticed some problems reaching in the last few minutes. This happened because we needed a few tries to add the "Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()" header to all parts of our site. This header prevents Chrome based browsers from doing their FLoC cohort calculation here. See:

@ordnung Schon krass, welche Arbeit kriminelle Organisationen den Menschen machen.

just another example why it's really hard to host websites yourself.

Setting up a http server is easy. Implementing current good technical & legal practices is hard. Staying up to date for the technical & legal good practices even harder. 😞

@txt_file While I can still watch that show from the sidelines, I'm wondering when someone is bothered enough to do a GDPR request against Google Chrome to get privacy by default.

@ordnung I also added this directive to my Permissions-Policies. Thanks for the hint! :)

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