Vielleicht habt ihr es schon gemerkt... es klemmt gerade ein bisschen. Die Queues sind voll und wir arbeiten aktuell daran sie so schnell wie möglich leer zu bekommen.


Die Queues sind wieder leer, es sollte wieder alles laufen.

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@ordnung Ganz herzlichen Dank, für die super Arbeit bei der Administration und Moderation der Instanz!

@ordnung @leah @rixx Not sure if you know, but you have a zionist on your instance who's trying to talk other people into their bullshit too.

That would fall under "content promoting or advocating the oppression of members of marginalised groups", right?

@noyovo @ordnung @leah Could you please go through the report function? That gives us a proper way to handle any concerns, and a) both handle them and b) have an easy-to-find future reference

@rixx @ordnung @leah Done. Just to explain, though, reports are impossible to track for the users who file them, so it helps to have a public post (which also gives admins a chance to clarify their public stance on whatever's being reported, & general users a chance to be aware of what's happening outside private channels). Maybe that's a masto design issue though.

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