There will be a longer downtime (up to 2 hours) this weekend for some database maintenance and migrations.

We will announce the exact time here before we start.


We now scheduled the downtime window to start at 17:00 CEST and end at 21:00 CEST. There will be no further notice before the downtime, that can start anytime in the mentioned time frame.

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And we are back online! Some corruptions in the database took more time to debug and fix. Thats nothing we do everyday too.

The instance will need some hours to catch up the fedi, so be prepared for some snowiness and out of order notifications.

We still see some issues with the streaming API. Working on it.

@ordnung thank you for your service and see you on the other side 🫡

@ordnung some nibbles and stuff to keep you going: ☕🍪🍫🥛

@ordnung wheee! see you then and thank you for keeping our living room nice and clean and renovated :blob_rainbowheart:

@ordnung thanks for taking such good care of us! 🤗

@ordnung Fixing data corruption in the middle of a system migration is no easy task. Thank you for all your admin work and thanks for keeping alive and a pleasant experience.

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