As of Friday, this instance has over 1000 users – let's say "welcome" to our latest arrivals!

There is a new round of statistics from our instance. We currently have 401 accounts on our instance. 556 connections to other instances and you've send 4332 toots.

Stats update: 204 people are registered on our instance. You've send 1740 toots and we are connected with 377 other instances. Oh and you use 2,3 GB of storage. Zero downtime since start. And here are some nice graphs:

82 users on after the first 24 hours! You send 322 statuses and we have connections to 184 other instances. - because anarchy is much more fun with friends. is a small Mastodon instance for and by the Chaos community surrounding the Chaos Computer Club. We provide a small community space - Be excellent to each other, and have a look at what that means around here.
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