Exactly at this time five years ago the first toot on chaos.social was made. Since then the instance has grown and today our living room is bigger than we ever expected. But we cleaned up a bit and now there is enough room to celebrate this special date together with all of you! 🥳

We got no feedback on any 502 errors in the last 11 days so it looks like the problem is finally solved 🎉

The only problem is, we changed two things. We might change one back for a short period of time in the next few days to check which of both lead to the problem. So if you experience 502 errors it will only be for a short time but please still report them.

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Oh and here are some metrics. That's the reason why we decided that the problem is less urgent and doesn't need immediate attention.

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We as operators of chaos.social also wanted to set a sign for the world wide climate strike and added a custom mastodon art to our instance. The mastodon told us that they know quite well the consequences of climate change. So we gave them a sign to demonstrate together with us :)

If you want to add it to your instance too, you could find the SVG here: github.com/chaossocial/custom/

As of Friday, this instance has over 1000 users – let's say "welcome" to our latest arrivals!


There is a new round of statistics from our instance. We currently have 401 accounts on our instance. 556 connections to other instances and you've send 4332 toots. chaos.social/media/gRRLK_foCHk

Stats update: 204 people are registered on our instance. You've send 1740 toots and we are connected with 377 other instances. Oh and you use 2,3 GB of storage. Zero downtime since start. And here are some nice graphs: chaos.social/media/obroifEzPxq

82 users on chaos.social after the first 24 hours! You send 322 statuses and we have connections to 184 other instances. chaos.social/media/N2ozODgwF54


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