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Due to spammers, we will keep the registrations for this instance closed. We are allowing users to send out invites to this instance instead. Please use the invites for anybody you'd like to see on

We'll just refrain from thanking everybody individually for reports of spammers – thank you all for helping out keeping our instance nice and cool!

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Just had the first new spam report – as DjangoCon is still going on, I'm going to close registrations again for a bit. I think sometime during next week @leah and I are going to have a look at this. Hold fast, and if you or your friends want an invite to, please send us an email.

@ordnung The image upload should now work again as usual.

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Der Bilder Upload sollte jetzt wieder gehen :)

(Bild CC-BY @Cheatha)

We are experiencing an issue that makes uploading images to toots on impossible, seemingly related to the upgrade to the current 2.4.0 release. Bear with us, we're looking into it.

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I've just updated to mastodon v.2.4.0 :) 🎉

We have a serious influx of spammers, so we're closing registrations until further notice, as both our administrators are currently busy. Once they have the time to look at solutions, we may open registrations again.

🚨 Thank you for your feedback. Since the general mood was positive, we have decided to adopt the policy change (

So, if you have a bot on, we'd like to ask you to make its posts unlisted.
If you're using a crossposter, please make at the very least all posts unlisted that contain retweets or broken twitter mentions ("").

Unlisted posts are still accessible to both followers and non-followers, they just don't show up on the local timeline.

🚨 We want to introduce a new rule asking people here on to keep automated posts (mostly bots and broken crossposts) unlisted, meaning the posts are public, but don't show up on the local timeline:
Please let us know your thoughts. :fairydust: This bot tries to follow protected accounts, and when they reject the follow request, it tries to follow them again after some days. This is spammy behaviour, please stop.

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Wow, after our blog post for our first year anniversary you've filled our needs on liberapay! Thanks to all of you ♥️ We also increased the needs a little to get some room for future hardware improvements.

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If you want to see visualisations of publicly available data about, head over to btw! (Lots of thanks go to @eliotberriot for maintaining that site!)

[en] It's our birthday! 🎂 One year ago, opened registrations. @leah and @rixx have written up how the instance has developed during that year:


[de] Wir haben Geburtstag! 🎂 Vor einem Jahr hat die Türen geöffnet. @leah und @rixx haben mal aufgeschrieben, was in dem Jahr passiert ist:

We updated our instance description and About section with clearer sentences and explanations (minor changes). We also added spamming to the explicitly listed offenses. See all changes here:

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Very sad to hear that is shutting down at the end of April. If you search a new nice place for queer, feminists, anarchists or related stuff your are always welcome on

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Hey, I just updated our instance to mastodon v2.3.2. You could find the release notes here:

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I've just updated to the newest mastodon release v2.3.1. You could find the release notes here:

We'd like to thank @blinry for this instance's new favicon! You can find high resolution/SVG versions over here:

(If you're on Firefox, you might need to visit, hit Ctrl-F5, and maybe restart your browser after that to see the change.)

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