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People on with an email account won't receive their notification emails until the nice folks running the blocklist server manage to unblock us.

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Hey, the announced maintenance needed a lot more time than planned. We had to upgrade our postgres installation before migrating the database for mastodon v2.5.0 (what was not mentioned in the release notes). The new database migrations are currently running and will need a lot of time too. But this time it should work without interruption. So at the moment it seems that we will finish the upgrade tomorrow morning. But everything should run as normal.

There will be a short downtime for maintenance in the next few minutes.

We've opened the invite system again – users on can generate invites for their friends at

To avoid a suden onslaught on the instance – PLEASE only generate invites for ONE PERSON AT A TIME.
Please don't generate invites that allow many or unlimited people to sign up – slow, organic growth works best for a community instance like ours.

We rephrased our about page at to make sure all rules are understandable and included in a single list. The content hasn't changed and the changeset can be seen here:
(We also added links to our custom stylesheet repository and our blog while we were at it.)

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People on – you can now go into and select a theme from

- The default Mastodon theme with minor mods: Columns are a bit wider than by default, and they don't shrink beyond a certain point, preferring to add horizontal scrolling.
- The default Mastodon light theme
- The default Mastodon high contrast theme
- A variation on the default theme where the available columns grow to fill the screen.

(More on themes to come later.)

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Die Frage wie hoch unsere Server Kosten aktuell sind, kam jetzt mehrfach. Ich versuche daher mal kurz Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen.

Die Kosten direkt zu beziffern ist aktuell schwierig, da die Instanz auf Infrastruktur mit läuft, die ich aktuell eh betreibe, auch wenn ich diese für die Instanz schon erweitern musste. Wenn man jetzt den Faktor mal etwas raus rechnet und realistisch ran geht sind wir so bei ca. 50 bis 60€/Monat und das wird langfristig eher mehr als weniger.

Wir haben aufgeschrieben, wie sich bislang finanziert, und wie wir uns die Zukunft vorstellen.
tl;dr: So ihr spenden wollt, tut es vorerst an Leahs PayPal-Account unter
We wrote a blog post about how finances worked so far, and how we want to handle things in the future:
tl;dr: For now, donations should go to Leah's PayPal at has grown rapidly last week. To allow things to settle, we'll keep the registrations closed and invites off for now. We'll enable user invites again as soon as we feel that a new influx won't hurt the local community too much. Stay tuned for a blog post on the topic.

If you want to join a German instance, consider, if you're looking for an anarchist one, have a look at If you/your friend *need* to be here, send a mail to contact@.

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Because of an influx of another 200 accounts after our decision to close the public registration only via invites I've decided to emergency disable all registrations. Even the invites. We will discuss this situation and further steps as admin team tomorrow.

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We've decided to close signups right now instead of in the evening as we had planned originally. All users can create invites at

Our reasons: We discovered that we were prominently listed on despite our opt-out, and the resulting amount of signups on what we see as a community instance was both unintended and unceasing. Communities, in our experience, are not limited in size, but in sustainable speed of growth.

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Short service announcement: We will close the open registration again this evening. We got nearly 800 new accounts here in the last two days. This is an increase of about 25%. We want to be sure everything runs smoothly so we need to take a look how everything behaves over the next days. And everyone else will have some time to look around and discover the fediverse. All of you will still be able to generate invites within the preferences -> invites page.

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Due to the twitter thing (they are bricking their service even more), we decided to open our registration for a few days. We might change that at any time if we see spam bots again but for now they are open again.

Please also notice, even if the registration is closed, everyone of you is capable of generating invites in the settings:

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Users of, please chime in:

We try our best not to log IP addresses to give you all the privacy we can. Mastodon, as a software, logs IP addresses in two ways: It saves the last IP address you used, and the IP address associated with each active session (you can review those here:

We can delete those IP addresses manually in both of these places, but this would reduce your ability to see where your active sessions come from. Opinions, preferences, thougths?

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Da ich auf unserer Instanz heute morgen schon mehrfach die Bitte von verschiedenen Menschen gesehen haben: Bitte zieht klar in Betracht Dinge die mit Polizei etc. bzw. den aktuellen Geschehnissen zu tun haben hinter eine Content Warnung zu packen. Das geht über das kleine CW in der Eingabemaske für Toots.

Due to spammers, we will keep the registrations for this instance closed. We are allowing users to send out invites to this instance instead. Please use the invites for anybody you'd like to see on

We'll just refrain from thanking everybody individually for reports of spammers – thank you all for helping out keeping our instance nice and cool!

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Just had the first new spam report – as DjangoCon is still going on, I'm going to close registrations again for a bit. I think sometime during next week @leah and I are going to have a look at this. Hold fast, and if you or your friends want an invite to, please send us an email.

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Der Bilder Upload sollte jetzt wieder gehen :)

(Bild CC-BY @Cheatha)

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