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We are currently doing some io and network intensive work on our server. Maybe everything is a little bit slow for the next 30 minutes.

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Please add CWs like "uspol" if you post something about the ongoing situation in the US!

It's done and we are not affected by the problem. That's great! :)

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Maybe you already noticed that there are some smaller outages at the moment. We are currently working on the config of the webserver and it might happen another few times.

There will be a short maintenance downtime in the next few minutes.

A short request form our admin team. If you've used a mail address with a ticket system behind it or if you have configured an autoresponder for your holidays: Please configure an exception for the address used for or disable the mail notifications in the mastodon preferences for that time. It is somehow annoying to get all the bounces ;)

We had a problem with the IPv6 uplink. This led to very defuse errors. It is fixed now and everything should catch up in the next few minutes.

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We observe som problems with the home timeline. We are working on it.

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And we are back ;) Downtime took a little longer than expected due to a typo in the network configuration.

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We need to do some maintenance on the network config. Therefore there will be a short downtime this evening.

There will be a short downtime today for some hardware maintenance. Currently we don't know the exact time this will happen.

Sorry for the bad performance in the last few minutes. We had to do some very IO heavy maintenance.

There will be a short downtime for some maintenance in a few minutes.

Sorry for the short downtime. We had to do some small maintenance.

We are already in a complicated situation. The situation in the USA is getting even more complicated now. To protect the mental health of all of us, please use CWs or at least the hashtag or if you toot about the ongoing election! Thank you!

FYI: We've just moderated most of the report backlog for the last two weeks. In this case we will not inform you individually about the actions taken.

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