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depression shitpost 

Who needs sleep when you can have depression.

Mastodon CW meta 

Random friendly reminder that the more important, stressful, world-relevant, divisive, etc. something is, the more important it is for it to be properly CW'd. Not more important to eschew them for.

"Too important to CW" is birdsite talk. Mastodon is literally hecking founded on not forcing people to scroll through walls and walls of content they don't have the spoons for. It's just as important to the platform as its decentralization.

If you have a bit of motivation, please remove some clutter from your house!

Ughh whyyyy

This morning I was almost late to my final exam because the train in front of mine broke down. Now I'm late to a meeting because the train in front of mine, you guessed it, broke down. I hate this 😐

Ich fordere ein opt-In verfahren für Bartwuchs, kein Tägliches opt-out

I wanna be done with packing x.x

Whenever I think "yay, basically done", I turn around and see another pile of ~stuff~

Junebugging describes an alternative way of cleaning up, specifically for those who struggle with doing it regularly! Spoonie Living has a blog entry about it.

this cat lept off a wall so I would pet it
i am an extremely high level cat lady, and my powers are only increasing

If you feel like it, next time you enter the bedroom, take one object and put it where it belongs!

You know what's cool? Moving closer to the recycling place so you can put off throwing away old electronics until after the move.

Yes, I know it's not how it's supposed to work, no, I don't have the energy to fix it.

when u dead inside but ur garden gives u reason to stay tethered to the mortal realm and tbh its POPPIN

Because if the pandemic the Berlin Philharmonic is not going to have an audience tonight, and instead will be streaming online live (for free)! The concert is at 8 pm Berlin time today with two repeat performances tomorrow (8pm) and Saturday (7pm).

8 pm on Berlin is 3 pm in the East Coast US.

In other news, the spores from silver ferns can give you some pretty gnarly temporary tattoos 🌿

ab welcher größe ist ein eichhörnchen ein eichhorn?

I am fairly confident that being a CEO is like being the farmer on "Shaun the Sheep." You're nominally in charge, but the staff constantly runs amok and you have no idea what's truly going on. 🐑 🐑 🐑

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