Alright, which one of you put this sticker in ?

... I remember seeing someone post about this on Mastodon, I guess I'm here to see it for myself as well now.

Needless to say, I am not "in charge" right now. I gave enough people enough power so that any of us can walk out and walk in on the project whenever they want to, without too much pressure.

We also don't really have a supreme dictator, all of us who have write access nearly always send in patches/pull requests for review by other contributors and community members, I guess. We try to make up for that by agreeing on procedures.

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Apart from that, if you suddenly find yourself in a position where you have too much power that you cannot handle, especially if it's as a result of not knowing what you're doing perfectly, you can split it and give some of that to somebody else. What we did was a highly risky bet, but the turnover was amazing and the project lasted for longer than a month.

Transparency, caring about your community and actually taking what others say to you seriously (innocent until proven guilty) matters too.

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I should really explain the things I did in order to organize the @tenacity project someday after I woke up seeing that someone else had given me and another person the helm of a burning ship in greater detail at some point.

I explained some of the things I did with the help of others in great detail here:

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