For the course at Uni we're conducting a survey on how people perceive different robots. If you got 5 minutes, please participate:
RTs appreciated :)

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The survey will close on February 8, or when enough complete responses have been collected - whichever happens first.
After all, at some point we'll have to do the maths and write-up :)

@pascoda I think i nerdsniped myself on the first question with „what even is a robot?“ 😅

@pascoda like, my hairdryer is definitely no robot, it does nothing on its own, but what about my dishwasher? It’s not really autonomous, but it does have a washing program it follows by itself. What about my computers? They do stuff without my prompting all the time, and they do possess some AI capabilities. Okay they don’t have any physical actors I guess.

@pascoda Also, what is interaction? Does programming a robot count as interaction? Does remotely interacting with a robot or virtually interacting with a robot count as interaction?

Someone reset me please 😨

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