20 seconds into a lecture that is part of a course that belongs to an international (read: English-language) master's program, and the lecturer actually asks,
"Does anyone want me to hold this in English, or is German okay?"

While German would be no issue for me at all, I know there are several students present (because, y'know, mandatory presence in this lecture) who prefer English. And I know some of them might prefer not to go out there and say "please speak english".

And that the lecturer actually thought it would be okay to ask if it was necessary to speak English in this course ... smh.


We're listening to two people talking about two different kinds of ... airplanes.
A-320, and F-16.
Just to remind you
We are Computer Science majors. In masters programm called "Media and Human Centered Computing".

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The announced title for the lecture was ... "Crowd Science".
I pointed out that gap, and that I don't get where this is going.
"Yeah, that was my mistake, I'm sorry. If you're not interested, you're of course free to leave at any time."
We're not. Mandatory presence, remember?

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