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Honestly, I didn't really expect this to work, but...

cc @Foone

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„Ich habe einen brandheißen Tipp für Sie: Vermögenssteuern.”

Manche sagen dann doch mal sinnvolles Zeug. (Quelle: ZIB Instagram

Or in German:
"Aktive Tests der Windows-Netzwerkverbindungs-Statusanzeige deaktivieren"

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"Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Internet Communication Management\Internet Communication settings\Turn off Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator active tests" -> Enable

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Life hack for people who do WiFi / Network / ESP things with Windows:
There is a group policy to disable this annoying "feature" that disconnects from any networks without internet access.

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Maiden voyage was a big success!
Project milestone 1 reached ✅

But there is still _a lot_ left to do ^^"

Massive thanks to @vale_1998, @FranzImsch and @patagona for your help thus far, I couldn't have done it without you

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I need a ride for .
The old stinky two stroke engine will be replaced with an electric motor (once the parts arrive).
Today I was cleaning and assessing the frame I got from Kleinanzeigen.

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"But will it run Doom?" Yes. Yes, it does! 😆

I remade the first level using JavaScript and 64 sliders!

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So, erste unnötige Fahrt des Monats abgeschlossen. Wo genau geht's hier jetzt nochmal nach Sylt?

@codeforhn @_LeoDJ @harmoniemand

To detect if the Vantage App or some "LissSvc" (you don't find much if you search for it) has been started to reload some kind of config/session? Idk, it's a mess of events thrown+handled all over the app

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Why vendor-supplied Windows services suck #9999

Lenovo Vantage hooks every process startup to throw an event (which is JSON serialized/deserialized twice!) and runs a RegEx on the process name.
So if you spawn a lot of processes, it takes 10-20% CPU just for that.
wat? why?

(Es ging um DECT-Antennen in Hotels, S-Bahnen und so weiter)

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Android tries to detect the encoding instead of trusting the metadata and guesses wrong in a lot of cases. No matter whether you're using latin-1, UTF-8 or UTF-16

Of course this is known since _2014_ and has been closed as wontfix because stale. wtf.

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Other cases that are shown correctly:
"Aer aaaaaaaaüsterer"
"Daa aaaaaaaaüsterer"

Other cases that are shown messed up:
"Der Frauenflüsterer" (that's the song title where this happened in the first place)

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Except the last two characters there is literally _no_ difference between these files.

I even verified this with another device ?!?
Maybe it's trying to detect the encoding (for no reason) and the detection messes up in _just_ that particular arrangement of characters?

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What the _fuck_ is going on with Android's MediaStore API (one music player apps use to access the media library)?
The ID3 title
"Der aaaaaaaaüsterer" is broken,
"Der aaaaaaaaüsteraa" works fine.

ADS als CPU-Erratum:
Wenn ein Interrupt kommt, werden die Register hinterher nicht wiederhergestellt, wodurch man die ursprüngliche Berechnung von vorne anfangen muss.

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The most daunting thing for me about joining Mastodon/Fediverse was picking an instance.

Having joined one, a RL metaphor emerges for me: "it's like picking an apartment building."

You need to evaluate the management. Do they respect tenant rights? Is the desk clerk skeevy?

Do you want to live in a big impersonal complex? Or a little boarding house, where people share a lot and have house parties? You can even be a "home owner" and run your own instance (pay the bills, fix the plumbing).

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