Was macht man denn an einem Donnerstagabend in Hamburg?

Und plötzlich bin ich auf dem Weg nach Hamburg.


Every. Bloody. Time.

Today, Steve Bannon is being interviewed at the Nordic Media Festival here in Bergen. It’s bad enough that we as journalists tolerate racist, xenophobic bigots at our conferences, so how about we don’t actively invite them, fly them around the world and give them an audience?

Stillleben mit Frühlingszwiebeln und Briefwahlunterlagen (2019)

If you’re not a transport geek, maybe the Swedish Ikea catalogue read cover to cover is more your thing? Varsågod: ikeasovlinjen.libsyn.com/ikea-

Did you know that Transport for London has an audio guide to its network? If you think you might enjoy having the names of Tube, Overground, DLR and Cable Car stations read to you for three hours, it’s this way: soundcloud.com/transportforlon

Motorists who are Very Angry Indeed about the newly opened toll booths in Bergen are currently driving through the city centre very slowly under constant honking to gather support for their cause. To me, this seems counterproductive.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just done my taxes, like a real adult. Having had the pleasure in Switzerland, Germany and Norway, I can confidently state that Norway’s process was the least painful by far. Pre-filled tax returns are awesome! Five stars, will pay tax again.

Ah, a plot twist: the text is indeed exported as text elements – one for each character! Very useful, thanks.

So simple I wonder why I didn’t figure it out myself.

(I know, I know, gift horses and all that, it’s open-source software so I should send a pull request instead of complaining BUT COME ON!)


After years of using QGIS, I have finally figured out how to keep text as text (instead of converting it to outlines) when rendering to PDF, and now I want to throw things.

This conference hotel is nice and all, but it needs a higher polygon count to be realistic.

(Not a fan of her, but I like that Norwegian politicians seem a lot more accessible than those in many other countries)

… and just like that, the prime minister suddenly turns up at the journalism conference you’re attending.

‘Take the train,’ they said.

‘You’ll enjoy the view,’ they said.

As someone who works in news, I get why publishers want the whole bakery and not just a slice of the cake. As a reader though, if I have to pick between one walled garden from Apple or twenty walled flowerbeds from news publishers, my choice is clear.

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