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so... nachrichten social media, etc zu, texteditor auf

Just got a pop-up to rate an app... on a mac 🤡 🌍

Ermagheeerrd can someone explain to my smooth brain how I'm supposed to deal with all these notifications 😭

Just mined my monthly income on my laptop in a couple of hours 🤡 🌎

Serendipity can only happen if we are optimistic and take chances.

A: The sound engineer who set up the mixing is a real pro
B: The bass is like waaaaaay out front...
A: Exactly where it should be

"Muss ich wirklich jetzt entscheiden, was ich gestern machen wollte?"

My (otherwise) immaculate cable management setup is RUINED by my desktop speakers 😪

"Whats the best desktop environment and why is it ?"

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It's astonishing how smooth and thought out 's Plasma desktop is. Especially compared to the MacOS environment - all these little things and tweaks that make your life so much more comfortable overall. 🌈

"Die Copyright-Reform soll das Urheberrecht in der EU ans digitale Zeitalter anpassen"
Have boomers gone too far this time?

*Opens tab*
*Huge cookie banner appears*
*Closes tab*

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