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a -alike is also included 🤯

📜 Since August I'm keeping track of my expenses with ledger, the system.
Transactions can easily be revision-controlled & the data can be used to generate detailed reports and (most importantly) fancy visualizations 🌈.

Preparing a comfy workflow for the upcoming year 💪

I don't want your cookies, I'm not subscribing to your newsletter, I'm not turning my adblocker off, I will not create an account, I'm not interested in installing your app, I don't need support from your chatbot, I'm not providing you with any feedback, I'm not recommending you to my friends... 💢

Concurrency beachten, ansonsten im Office übernachten.

I know money talks but only music speaks to me 🎵 🎶 🎵

Live-Coding is like jazz and your editor is the saxophone

"Und da hat man dann Schichten und Layer eingeführt, damit sich jeder nicht daran halten kann"

“Im editing my config to make the the work I should be doing easier to do”

"Nooo you cant just make everything a vector"

[:clojure "haha" :vector #{:go "brrrrr"}]

Connect for-loops with pure iterators:

for foo in foos.iter()
.filter(|f| is_good_foo(f))
.map(|f| transform_foo(f))

"What's the ThinkVantage Key for?"

Uhm, you know
if err != nil {
return err

1. Create firefox profiles
2. `firefox -P` to launch the profile manager
3. live a better life

If you're interested in the Go programming language you should check out this awesome site:

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