It's astonishing how smooth and thought out 's Plasma desktop is. Especially compared to the MacOS environment - all these little things and tweaks that make your life so much more comfortable overall. 🌈

"Whats the best desktop environment and why is it ?"

@kubikpixel You can even combine the 'just works' experience from kde with the efficiency of i3 when using it as window manager in KDE (instead of kwin) 🙃

I still remember the time when everyone was super annoyed at the upgrade and things kept breaking all over.

@penguwin and all the awesomeness with very low memory footprint. KDE has come a long way.

@penguwin I actually never got what the "Activities" thing is for and how to make use of it... Is it still a thing and if yes what is it good for?

Context: I loved KDE 3, stayed on KDE 3 as long as I could as KDE 4 was super unstable, then was eventually forced to update to KDE 4 and finally abandoned it as it was still unstable and the UX was inconsistent for me. I switched to Gnome 3 and am quite happy since.

@fin_ger Activities are basically a set of context-specific virtual desktops. E.g. you can set up an activity for programming with all the apps & widgets that you need/want and also set some extra preferences like time tracking or turning off notifications.

@Xjs @fribbledom sure, the devil is in the details. Some examples: "Keep above/below other windows" is missing, the dock reserves the space at the bottom of the screen therefore you cant use the whole height of your monitor (even though there's space left and right from the dock), moving your mouse after hitting 'sleep' will directly wake up the computer again (so I cant lift my mouse to turn it off), the thing that definitely bogs me the most is that there is no (first party) window snapping.

@Parnikkapore @penguwin @fribbledom _My_ Mac has first-party window snapping (think since macOS 10.13 or so?), but I didn’t want to be an objecting rando in the first place.

@Parnikkapore @Xjs @fribbledom Are you sure that you're using first party window snapping support 🤔? I had to resort to the (awesome & open source) Rectangle to have it working on my end

@penguwin @Parnikkapore @fribbledom Are we talking about the same thing? Windows snap by default (by which I mean their borders are sorta magnetic), I use Rectangle for tiling (by which I mean putting windows into predefined zones on the screen, such as »top right quarter«). There is some rudimentary support for tiling when you hover the »zoom« button (3rd one, green by default) in a window’s titlebar, but it didn’t suffice for me any more after forcibly having used Windows for a few years ;)

@penguwin @Parnikkapore @fribbledom Also I agree in that Rectangle is a very fine piece of software.

@Xjs @Parnikkapore @fribbledom Uhh i think we've been talking past each other 😅 I was referring to the "drag window to one side of your screen to have it resized" thing as window snapping :). The magnetic border snapping works per default there I have to agree with you 👍

@penguwin I've been using macOS a lot more recently, and wouldn't switch back to KDE. It was terrible, and slow, and wtf are activities... ?!

These days, I just use i3. I'll try KDE again in 5 years. 😜

I wholeheartedly agree on the activities bit. I don't understand what they are supposed to be for.

Using KDE plasma as my daily driver tho, after being a i3/sway Poweruser for a very long time. And I love it.

@penguwin @oz that's actually a nice feature, but I never came around to use it.

The one thing that annoys me with plasma is that it saves state in config files, making git-syncing impossible.
That, of course, would also apply to activities, so I cannot sync activities between my machines... which is a no-go!

@musicmatze @penguwin @oz You folks won't believe this, but the opinions of strangers about the merits of Linux desktop environments compared to macOS is exactly the online content I'm in search of. 😆 I'll try and find a YouTube video of what you're all describing.

Has anyone here got a favorite resource for guiding the Linux-curious towards the distro that best suits them?

@oz @penguwin I'm not certain how slowness could come into it unless there was a real issue--performance in KDE 5 Plasma has been top notch for awhile, a few quickly fixed bumps aside.
That said, I'd consider Plasma diametrically opposed to OSX in several design philosophies, so if you're comfortable in OSX I'm not surprised that Plasma doesn't appeal--it goes the other way for me!

@penguwin I don't think KDE gets enough respect, for just how polished and great a desktop the 5.x series is.

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