It is sheer luck that they evaded nullptr exception with that attitude.

Lots of cryptocurrency programmers seem they do not care about defensive programming techniques. Lots of possible null pointer derefs are present in their code but fortunately, they are not triggered because they rarely run into possible triggering condition.

You can sabotage some cryptocurrencies with crafted P2P commands, which can be easily discoverable using a static analyzer.

Another problem is, I'm still not able to boot OpenWRT from EEPROM. It complains about it does not know rootfs block device and if I supply root= param, it complains it cannot find jffs2 magic. :(

I spent some time on ipTIME router firmware hacking yesterday.

The biggest problem is, they shipped the device with a broken bootloader. My A3004NS-M bootloader does not accept TFTP upload. Even if I uploaded stock firmware, it just says 'Data checcksum error' and refuses to flash it on EEPROM.

I always have to use SOIC8 clip to recover it from brick. :(

IMO, who can hear <del>coil screaming<del> coil whine from NTSC CRT TV can also hear this chirping sound from 10kHz OFDM.

Sadly, lots of people will be able to clearly hear OFDM @ 10kHz. At least I can hear it. :(

Hiding Data In Music Might Be The Key To Ditching Coffee Shop WiFi Passwords via @hackaday

I wish I had more time to spend on personal projects but well... :(

Since mt76 driver has MT7615 support, Theoretically I can port OWRT on ipTIME routers with working WLAN.

Maybe this weekend, I should spend some time to hack and port OWRT on ipTIME routers

Need to pwn some proprietary interface but sadly, I don't have logic analyzer which can keep up its bus speed. :P

Is there any off the shelf open source logic analyzer design for FPGA which can be used with Sigrok?

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