RANT: IMO, Every person who works in the IT industry MUST know about basic cryptology. Knowing the existence of Primitives are not enough. They MUST know about how cryptosystems can fail and learn to use battle-tested lib instead of rolling their own. (Incl. Schneier's Law)

It seems Naver used KDE mailing list or commit log to train their AI translator, Papago.

...and AI correlates every URL with Shinjo Park(aka. peremen)'s email address.

Partial success running Rust code on Tegra X1 BPMP.
Need to find way to call C func pointer in struct without using libc crate. (My custom Rust target does not have libc crate)

I wonder that bricking Nvidia shield intentionally (aka. AutoRCM) will disable Widevine L1 or not

While looking into TF2 neural net code, I suddenly felt it's loop usage is very similar to Migen's one.

When you have to power cycle an SSD for it to work again...

Guess I know what I have to do next.

Do you ever press ctrl+w to delete a word, only to realize that you're not in a readline interface, but in a browser and you just closed your tab?

This whole mess started when I learned that vim can use readline commands in insert mode...

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We Chat, They Watch: How International Users Unwittingly Build up WeChat’s Chinese Censorship Apparatus - The Citizen Lab

Does anyone know HDMI DDC MitM hardware? (also needs to spoof HDMI pin 19 to prevent crashing KDE on Wayland.)

"ratcheting up surveillance to combat the pandemic now could permanently open the doors to more invasive forms of snooping later. It is a lesson Americans learned after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001..." nytimes.com/2020/03/23/technol
.onion: nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/2020/03

Dammit, I failed to find KiCAD symbol for TPS65090 and I have to place 100 pins by hand. :(

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