Kind of a weird one:
Do you know a blonde I think skandinavian guy that might have been running around events trying to sell people on plan9 with a special focus on name spacing? I talked to him a few years in a row and would like to establish contact.

Interesting news. An excellent way for Microsoft to fend off accusations of anti-competition would be to embrace open standards like Matrix for interoperability, showing they're not trying to vendor-lock their users. Slack could also benefit from this ;)

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I found a race condition in our milter selection setup. Just took us about a year of mysterious spam waves to figure that one out.

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Branche, deren Kerngeschäft die Rechtsbeugung ist hat ein Problem mit der Durchsetzung geltender Gesetze.

In a decentralised world, an inside job could only impact a single server instance... and in an E2EE verified world, the insider wouldn't be able to spoof messages anyway. We should get on and add signing for public messages to Matrix's E2EE.

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🎈 unlike u snowflakes, i'm not so easily triggered

🔥 why software foundation change word

If I was in Snowdens position, I'd have fucked up everything by forgetting to set -l for my wget commands.

When you are thinking about murder hornets, murder hornets are also thinking about you.

Blitze sind eines der beeindruckensten Naturschauspiele, die die Erde uns zu bieten hat. Doch wie entstehen sie eigentlich?


Gratulation an den Grimme Online Award dafür, dass er sich mit dem Coronavirus-Update ausgezeichnet hat! Endlich eine Anerkennung von höchster Reputation für die vielen Jahre Arbeit.

every day I live in fear and awe of people who post what's actually going through their heads

Yesterday I saw an article on wireless being unreliable shit and I can only relate, learned same things
If you can use wires, use wires.

Suche nach (professioneller) Hilfe bei Wohnungssuche in Berlin 

Gibt es in Berlin Organisationen, die mir dabei helfen können eine Wohnung (keine WG!) zu finden? Ich bin disabled, transweiblich und Hartz IV Empfängerin und muss aus meiner WG ausziehen, finde aber keine Wohnung. Ohne Unterstützung schaffe ich das nicht. 😔

Boosts erwünscht 💜

covid-19 politics 

Let's play a game: Whoever finds the first 300 IQ centrist take that the politicisation of wearing a mask is as much on the left for suggesting to wear one because it's scientifically proven to be the right thing to do as on the rights reflex to not wear one to own the libs wins.

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