In spoken English, the phrase "I never said you drank my tea" can have seven different implied meanings, depending on which word you place emphasis on. 🍵

@InvaderXan Do you have any experience with getting Spathiphyllum seeds to germinate? I've read that it's hard and needs constant about 25°C. I'm trying to use the fridge heat for that. What do you think?

Rundumkennleuchte. Was für ein poetischer Name!

>In Deutschland wurde das Blaulicht 1933 eingeführt. Um Anforderungen des Luftschutzes zu erfüllen (Verdunkelung), wurde damals für die Polizeifahrzeuge festgelegt, dass diese mit einem blauen Licht auszustatten sind, da blaues Licht die höchste Streuung in der Atmosphäre hat und daher für Bomber in großen Höhen nicht mehr sichtbar war.

Some free advice: If you have nothing to say which isn’t tiresomely cynical, consider not saying anything at all.

starting a bondage session alright let's set up the rules

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL
"OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in
RFC 2119.

sub: "h-how do you do that with your mouth. the capitalization. the citation. wh—"

Tolle neue App im F-Droid Store. Installieren, rausgehen und ausprobieren. Perfekt für den Sonntag!


Look at these incredibly beautiful noctilucent clouds (NLC).
They are soo interessting bc they are in ~80km height. Normal weather clouds reach max. to 13 km. These ice cristals are only visible in June/July shortly after sunset/ before sunrise.

Pfff, tired of those block Recommendations...
You know what's cool??????

I got the honor of merging this into #Tusky today \o/

We will not facilitate Gab on our app.

So that was a fun hour of my live that I'll never get back:

>For example, any file containing dots will be ignored. This is done to prevent cron from running any of the files that are left by the Debian package management system [...]

Can we move the world to nixos already?

A convenient gender-neutral way to address a group of people is “foolish mortals”

So, this just happened. 18 Rosinenbomber flew over our house. Didn't know that there even were this many still in flying condition.

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