RT @slava_pestov
BeOS had all sorts of useful APIs. We need to go back

@striker @phoefer those were actually useful 😄
(indeed, they added them to profile the syscalls)

@mmu_man @striker @phoefer
or should I say, were they less of a pure syscall overhead than getpid?

@wolf480pl @striker @phoefer IIRC it didn't use the same syscall mechanism as the other ones.

@mmu_man @striker @phoefer
Hmm yeah there are probably ways to implement getpid without an actual syscall. I know getpid was used as a benchmark when comparing syscall overhead in BSD vs L4, but BeOS could've been very different here.

@wolf480pl @striker @phoefer getpid would probably have required acquiring a lock to read the team info in the kernel, if it's not cached somewhere.

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