Good morning peeps. This is a scheduled toot, I'm still sleeping 😜😴

"Hello darkness my old friend ..."
"Are you singing to your coffee?"

Terrify your CISO in 5 words.

"We gave SALES admin rights"

"What is the .encrypted extension?"

"You are trending on twitter"

"The board accepted the risk"

There is that tiny birb falling asleep while standing in my garden. Maybe he tryed to catch the worm, but it's a bit too early for him...

Arguing with coworkers from the US East Cost is kinda funny because of the timezone-induced latency. We operate on an overall throughput of one question/answer per day over 3 days now already and this slows down code review considerably.

Ein Hacker ist einem Starlink-User-Terminal zu Leibe gerückt. Resultat ist ein Modchip, mit dem sich beliebige Firmware auf allen Terminals aufspielen lässt.
Satelliten-Internet: Im Starlink-Netz umschauen dank Modchip

Look at this. This is supposed to be green, not yellow. Typically July and August are the months with the most rain. Here in the South of NL we had barely any rain in July.

I want the green back! 🌄

What do you guys think is the best way to promote GNU/Linux? :amongustwerk:

3 Mythen zum Efeu-Bewuchs an Altbäumen:
❌Efeu entzieht🌳keine Nährstoffe (kein Parasit)
❌ 'Erwürgt' keinen Baum
❌ Klaut keine Sonne

Wahr ist:
✅Efeu bildet Kleinbiotope (Nistplätze)
✅Liefert Insekten-Nektar ab SEPT-OKT
✅Filtert Feinstaub
Efeu stehen lassen!

💬 "Just over a year after launching a major project targeting thousands of sites blatantly flouting cookie tracking rules in Europe, local privacy campaign group noyb has fired off another batch of complaints:"

Is it a crime to spontaneously dance in a bar?

by geo.facts_ on instagram

Focus stealing is really one of the bigger annoyances of Microsoft software (looking at you teams)

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