Nextcloud-Ransomware "Nextcry" on NGINX/PHP-FPM is around. Update php-fpm NOW and checkout this page:

Addendum: This is known since End of October. Just a reminder that there are now ongoing attacks and you should throw some love at your instances 🙂

@phoenix "If you do not run NGINX, this exploit does not effect you."

@jrt I run Nextcloud with nginx on my FreeBSD VM, so I was kind of affected ;-)

@phoenix I like FreeBSD, I use it on my NAS with jails for thing's like gitea.

The info was more for people who are using that. I don't think it's good for people to get in full panic mode if they are not affected.

@jrt This is true. Yeah, so, if you're not using nginx, you're safe. Snap packages are also not affected.

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