You know what to do.
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@phoenix random obscure fact (which maybe only British people of a certain age vaguely remember, I only recalled it when watching some old kids TV that got uploaded to Youtube) - Playmobil was branded as Playpeople in the UK during the later part of the 1970s until 1980 (they were pretty much the same sets though)

@phoenix When I was a child Playmobil didn’t have any weapons. Lego did, with their Knights line. For some reason I got sad when Playmobil added it. I had a stronger assocation to Playmobil with safety, hospitals, penguins, just good clean fun where Lego was more edgy. Although my fave Lego line was Fabuland. I guess for the same reason.

Weird how I could end up all death metal and cords

@phoenix yeah, Lego was cool and all, but my K'nex came in a yellow briefcase 😎.

@phoenix lego all the way! What can you build with Playmobil lol. Playmobil sucks!

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