It's years since I last used Windows and I'm really amazed by the amount of distractions and ads in this system ... Just let people be for god sake! 😨😲

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Today's Elderberry harvest at my dad's farm. Tired, but it was good work and we can be proud of the outcome as well.

Those barrels are now fermenting. In a couple of weeks we're bringing them to a nearby distillery, who make then Schnaps out of them πŸ˜‹

Note to my future self: Wenn du Γ€lter wirst, darfst du dir auch wieder MΓ€rklin kaufen.

Nachtzug fahren ist ein tolles Erlebnis. Gestern Abend in Amsterdam einfestiegen und nun kurz vor MΓΌnchen aufgewacht. In KΓΌrze gibt es FrΓΌhstΓΌck und in einer Stunde sind wir dann in Innsbruck.
Werden wir ΓΆfter machen.

Good morning Fediverse!
Here, have a nice picture of a Swedish countryside house and have a good Thursday!

Veggie-Paella with mushrooms πŸ˜‹
I will be probably banished for lifetime from entering Spain for calling this a Paella πŸ˜…

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