@phranck never heard of the MIPS programming language :thinking_cirno:

@phranck how does she write Objective-C without murdering everyone in the building?

@popefucker I'm writing ObjC for about 17 years now, too. And I did not murdered a single person in that period! 🤣

@phranck I see, keeping the secrets of your sacred order. I will not pry

@popefucker To be honest: I also needed three attempts until I had understood ObjC. The problem was to get an overview of the sheer mass of frameworks. The language itself is quite simple.

@phranck u sure you won't get excommunicated or something for this?

@phranck It's sad really. On the internet noone knows you are a dog they said. But this is all null and void if someone thinks you are a woman.... Then everyone is free to pull out their stereotypes...

@phranck the real question is how does she find the time - modeling work can be just as grueling and time consuming as programming.


That's hilarious but her last statement made it out ta be a sexism thing, however, I think these people are just confused as to how someone can know 5 languages fluently AND keep a perfect body for modeling, which I imagine would take up a lot of time and travel.
It seems probable that they would react the same way about a hot boy from Kelvin Klein knowing programming.

This woman is insanely impressive, is what I mean! 💖

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