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I am a science student living in . I am interested in anything about and , pi and general techy stuff. Also and .
You might see me tooting from concerning
I despise all (money-wise) people.

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Happy International Men's Day to trans men and non binary men

Let's reclaim masculinity

Cis men get your shit together

Check out the Men's Liberation subreddit

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"Amazon is creating the problems it purports to solve. So why don’t we solve the problem, and take it over?" - The Case for Nationalizing Amazon
#amazon #hq2 #latestagecapitalism #nationalization

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Liberals will drop our gay asses the moment they have to pay $50 more in taxes.

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I have outdone myself today with my pizza making shenanigans.
* Fresh made Pizza dough with hemp seed
* Tomato sauce base, with garlic & chickpeas
* broccoli
* Beetroot
* Spinach
* Avocado
* Facon
* Seasoning

Full on vegan dinner, & Yes, it all got eaten by lema & I I yes it was super tasty


#vegan #homemade #food #yummy #pizza #pizzaforlife

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Ein Klient, weitestgehend gelähmt, aber sonst gesund, ist gestorben. Er war zu einer Routineuntersuchung im Krankenhaus und wurde dort morgens an seinem Erbrochenen erstickt aufgefunden. Offenbar konnte er noch den Ruf-Knopf drücken, worauf aber niemand reagierte.

PflegerInnenmangel tötet.

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The ticket price graph at now looks a bit more helpful – and also very impressive. I'm awed by the solidarity of this community.

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Die guten Plätzchen sahen btw so aus:

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erbeten: Nachbarin ist von analoger betroffen. Hat zusätzlich türkisches Fernsehen über SmartReceiver über Kabel. Kann ich hinter einem C Receiver den alten SmartReceiver nutzen? Können die 0815 DVB C Receiver mit SmartCards umgehen oder was für ein Gerät brauche ich?

I mean I kinda get it but it still is funny.

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The map is not the territory.

World Mercator Projection with True Size Country Added
#Waps #World

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Of course, the above doesn't include the services that were shut down before 2016, nor the services pending shutdown in 2019 (like, say, Google+, the social network they invested hundreds of millions of dollars in while we were Over Here Being Silly Building Stuff That Won't Last With No Business Model)

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#howto use the #fediverse with nearly no internet connection with #AndStatus:
Choose in the settings:
- to not fetch images
- to not fetch avatars
- increase the time of sync
Now next time you got internet connection, even if shitty as ~1kbs you can let AndStatus sync.
Also no problem if internet connection is just accessible for some minutes.
Messages get stored offline. You can read, fav., boost, and reply to them any given time. Once you've got internet again even you're replies will be sync.

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