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oof and . It's very bad but at the same time just as stupid as other stuff that's fun while being bad for the environment...

Remember when Medium convinced bloggers to give up their personal sites because it was free and the user interface was super intuitive? And now they literally try to charge subscription fees to people who want to read more than X number of articles per month (I have no idea what X it 10? 20? It's super unclear to me). Do the writers get a cut of that or are they producing free content for Medium to profit off of?

The richest one percent of the world are responsible for more than twice as much carbon pollution as the poorest half of humanity.

Guess which activity accounts for the largest share of the emissions of the rich?

capitalism is when productive resources are owned by private entities to the exclusion of everyone else, so that the majority of the population is forced to sell their labor to the owners to survive, in exchange for a fraction of the value they produce. thats it. thats the whole thing.

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"Smart Water" is a lie if it were "smart" it wouldn't have gotten caught and bottled

Dear people, you don't deserve your power and wealth, give it up now and get a job.

i'm going to frame this as a political statement for my uni submission, "the revolution starts at home" and all that, but anyway, i made a nice revolutionary pillow, fits right in anywhere, very fluffy, made from trash. yay.

food vegan cake 

Need to work on presentation style haha but it's with caramelized pine nuts and poppy seeds 🤩, I really liked how the freshly caramelized nuts melted into the chocolate icing

i've been selected to test knit this incredible sweater and the designer even gave me money for yarn for it bc i'm low income and i've never been this excited in my life

A reminder that this year is not an anomaly and things won't suddenly get better next year. There is no going back to "normal" and things are only going to get worse until we fix the ongoing climate crisis.

A script that corrects the word "maker" into "guy who does arts and crafts"

"Maker space" = craft room

"Maker ethos" = enthusiasm for arts and crafts

"Maker fair" = craft expo

None of this shit is revolutionary, it's just stuff that your grandmas have always done. You are the newcomer. It's not any less arts-and-crafts just because it involves a 3D printer now.

i believe i already posted this once but probably needs to be posted again

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