"The average American worker takes less vacation time than a medieval peasant"
A very interesting read on how work hours and leisure time changed through history.

@pinkprius It's a very different world. I had a coworker who showed up at work and told us he decided to go and missed his grandmother's funeral (voluntarily). He was upset about it and people didn't bat an eyelid.. Versus an EU coworker taking a day or two off for a similar event.

@superruserr @pinkprius from the perspective of a EU citizen this seems really crazy. i get 25 days a year off minimum, not counting sick leave.

@pinkprius there is probably something to be said about the difference of sitting in front of a computer and shoveling shit

@pinkprius and mind that it doesn't say "There are American workers who..." but "The AVERAGE American worker..." ... I'm baffled, frankly

@pinkprius This is true for the average modern worker, be it American or not.
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