@pinkprius we always had chairs when I worked in a local shop (in SE England), I do remember having to stand for nuns (although not a legal requirement, my younger sister attended their school so it made a good impression, and I'd have to get up anyway and help haul 100+ litres of booze into the Mother Superiors trolley (a blind eye was turned to me only being 17 at the time so not even officially legal to sell this to the sisters) 😆

@pinkprius Worth noting that Aldi in the US does give their cashiers chairs.

...of course, it's Aldi (Sud), which is a German chain. (...I've not been to a Trader Joe's, which is owned by Aldi Nord, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do, too.)

@pinkprius Germany 2017: cashiers are finally allowed to work standing up

@anarchiv I am a part-time and I sometimes like to stand up. The job is hard on the back.
But standing the whole time, idk...

@pinkprius tell me if I'm wrong, but it almost seems like "it's up to the worker" should be the common ground here

@anarchiv I think the position the worker is in is heavily planned on with the design of the register.
What the cashiers job needs is frequent brakes and good pay.
Probably to the point where it's mostly self checkout registers left anyways. I can supervise them for 8 hours, but I wouldn't like sitting 8 hours behind the counter at all.

@pinkprius yup, that's where it gets problematic. they've come further in public services (Ämter), where employees get adjustable desks now

@pinkprius I need to remember to look carefully, next time I'm at our co-op, to make sure the cashiers have stools to sit on.

I *think* they do, but I'm not 100% certain.

@woozle @pinkprius if it's a #coop, shouldn't they be able to ask for chairs themselves?


In theory, yes -- but it doesn't always work that way. I know of another nearby co-op where it took some serious informed activism just to get management to let members see the bylaws. Employees were afraid to protest unpopular decisions because they didn't control hiring & firing. Etc.

...and our co-op's governance model was apparently based on theirs.

So I'm watching for signs of the same problems.

cc: @pinkprius

@compl4xx @pinkprius

It's member-and-employee owned.

durham.coop/our-co-op/ - includes links to articles of incorporation and such

The one on which it was based (note that my info is about a decade out of date now): issuepedia.org/Weaver_Street_M

@pinkprius /me looks around the office at everyone voluntarily using standing desks

@pinkprius I somehow want to distribute this to every store manager I know. It's so... obvious?

@pinkprius a good compromise could be registers as some DIY stores in Germany have them: default standing, and a chair (similar to those one can add to a standing desk) to rest the legs.
(Interesting subject!)

@pinkprius Worked a gas station, no chairs. I didn't know there was another way.

@j216 I don't think I have ever seen a chair at a gas station in Europe too.

@pinkprius wait a second, isn't that the whole thrust of this post?

@j216 Yes and no. I was thinking of cashiers at supermarkets, which mostly are sitting in Europe. Some quick lanes or at some hardware store they might have some standing checkouts. Most gas stations do have people standing here I think, the counter is high and they need to move around a lot.

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