Now that I have your attention:

In my train from Italy to Germany, a PoC family was handled by police 3!! times, while everyone else was ignored.
Their passports were checked three times in quick succession, in Italy, in Austria and in Germany.

@pinkprius happens all the time in the tram from Switzerland to Germany. White people get ignored and everybody else has to show passports.

Yes, my friend (a black woman) got the eyeball a few times on her train ride from Switzerland to Slovenia.

@pinkprius in Hamburg, traveling with my friend who happens to be Indian, they stopped and delayed the train so they could harass him. They paid no mind to me of course, ignoring my increasing indignance as they interrogated him. Europe is pretty messed up and no better than the states in a lot of ways

@dantheclamman @pinkprius a lot of the arguments I hear in Europe go just about like “Racism is so bad in the US, they all hate the blacks and the first nations! Here in Europe we don't have many blacks and we're the indigenous population, so there are hardly any incidents we hear about, so we're obviously not racist.”

@tonnerre @pinkprius just differing manifestations of the same fear of the "other." the fear that someone else's gain is their loss. the wish to keep the world small and ignore what we can gain if the world is big, beautiful and connected.

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