@pinkprius In most european states it won't be so different. Maybe not as many millionaires...

@SaniTea @pinkprius But this is no democracy then. This is oldrichwhitemen-o-cracy.

@carl @pinkprius
yeah, or lobbycracy, because lobbyists have a bigger influence than the actual demos

@SaniTea @pinkprius Still, the people behind the lobbyists are old rich white men.

@SaniTea @pinkprius
In the UK MPs are paid so much, the accountancy practices required would make an MP who wasn't a millionaire far more suspicious.

@pinkprius Deshalb heißt es ja repräsentative Demokratie. ;-)

crazy that 49% of congress are not millionaires. Are they just underreporting their wealth?


Nothing to do with capitalism, because this is Common in non-capitalist states too

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