a real product!!
for .
Forget real estate. You can't afford it anyway.

@pinkprius I hope if any millennials get this they disown whatever boomer got it for 'em

@pinkprius imagine how cringey it was for the millennial that had a manager hovering over their shoulder the whole time they were designing the box and board art

@bonzoesc I don't think this was made by millennials at all. Look at the cringey text and play system.

@pinkprius actually closer in message to the original game design than the actual game. :D

So it's basically the same game except every property now costs 100 times as much but the amount of cash you get is the same?

@pinkprius millennial monopoly is getting someone with the regular copy to stab you in the throat

Sad truth: Over the centuries, the people who own properties are STILL the ones in power, controlling those who don't.

@pinkprius it was actually the point of the game to demonstrate the evils of capitalism.

Except, people love it.

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