Reminder that owns a patent where in order to skip an you have to jump out of your chair and shout the brand name.

Gibt's als Ergänzung dazu auch noch die Variante dass der Webespot solange wiederholt wird bis man endlich aufspringt und den Markennamen ruft?

That's genius!! 7 min ad break shortened to a few seconds thanks to a few brand names. Would love to see that.

Sony idea: Force the consumer to interact with an ad.

Expected result: the consumer interacts with the ad.

Actual Result: The consumer throws the TV to the garbage (or sells it, whatever)

Actual result 2: The consumer buys a pirated no-ads version of the TV show.

Actual result 3: :blobidea: The consumer gets a hacker to fix his TV.

ENLIGHTENED RESULT: :thinking_very_hard: The consumer buys a projector that fools the TV into believing he interacted with the ad.

@rick_777 @pinkprius Inspired Result: Sony is boycotted for ableism.

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