aaah yes. You want your children to have immunity to the antibiotic resistant bacteria that halve everyone's lifespan if they don't have PharmaDNAUpgradePack2? Pay us 5% of their estimated lifetime income.

If you should ever design/invent anything, you will appreciate the patent.

You may appreciate; but i now doubt it. Please continue in your ignorance.

@Engineer Or you will be barred from designing or inventing the thing because human progress is based on previous work and all that work is under patent now...

Patents do not stop you from 'improving' or pulling ideas from patents. if your design takes on enough originality it too can have a patent. Or your 'thing' can utilize the patented thing and negotiate for use. Designing and discovering have not stopped. Some folks/companies have been rewarded for giving us of their thought/expertise wealth.

@Engineer Patents have literally been used to shut down businesses and sue the everliving fuck out of competition, they're the most anti-competitive, broken shit ever.

Don't look at it that way. I have 3 patent ideas in for review now. Each of them is an improvement to an existing design or process. The existing patented designs or processes have caused me to re-design to 'one-up' the competition and gain market share. We improve things and perhaps the lives of others, and we make money that again can improve the lives of all we touch.

@Engineer Patents are routinely used to scam unrelated businesses through abusive court cases: x-plane.com/x-world/lawsuit/

Ok let's agree to disagree and end it right here. You do your thing and I will continue to do my thing.

@Engineer Your thing is feeding into a system that hurts innovation, businesses, healthcare, and society at large.
Hope the money you make helps you sleep at night

Simply not true, and I live within the proof of that. I wish you success in life; and with that we must part.

Lol, this user, on cursory inspection, is a racist, climate-skeptic, gun-toting trumpist. So their takes on matters of fact and social policy outcomes (re:patents) are probably disposable. :)

Yeah, I just decided to engage because I was bored and wanted to see how they'd justify their position
They blocked me in the end, which was a pleasant surprise

@gaeel The right wingers are always farting on about how everyone else is so sensitive, but in practice they seem to be the ones with the frail, delicate egos 😆

@Engineer @gaeel That's the theory, in practice you get patent claims on everything you invent yourself (unless you're employed by a company with a legal department).

@Engineer @pinkprius plant patents are completely different: potential naturally occurring properties are claimed (so you can infringe without designing anything). And in this message, "normal operation" is forbidden. Some agricultural varieties are sterile (most famous, the banana).

@pinkprius Ew, gross! Why do idiot facists think they can own information?

@pinkprius ...anybody knows the name of this plant?
I love plants! ...also my girlfriend, my parents, my sisters & brothers, my best friends, my neighbours, my colleagues, the unkwon woman in the underground train, the children running in the street, ......

@pinkprius I was going to suggest that it may be patented in the case of it being a genetically modified organism (GMO), but I also don't really know much about US Plant Patent Laws...

@pinkprius *police banging on my door* "POLICE, OPEN UP! WE KNOW YOU LET THAT PLANT REPRODUCE!"
me, holding one of its siblings in my paw: you'll never take me alive

I thought this was going for a joke about asexuality instead of justified outrage about intellectual property laws, but I'll take it. :D

@pinkprius @wolf that clearly means you can propagate it with cuttings so CUTTINGS EVERYWHERE.

@ElectricAsherah @pinkprius @wolf That sounds like one of the most rebellious uses of guerilla gardening ever. Go for it!

True confessions of a yogurt pirate...
Remember when Dannon touted their patent yogurts! You better believe I was getting small cups as starters cultures and making my clones a liter at a shot!
Take a slip of that plant and grow, grow grow. To borrow from an old film, "the seeds are sacred because of the life locked within them, the earth because it is all we have to stand on."


I don't really do *houseplants* myself, but if you need advice on how to make Free/Libre plants, ask anyway, please.

I don't know what would be better: to make the plant reproduce everywhere just in spite, or to burn that abomination (in the legal sense).

@pinkprius you know what you have to do now…

don't they know of the Streisand effect?

@pinkprius Just wait until patented pets become a thing.

When having potted plants becomes outlawed, only outlaws will have potted plants.

Using this kind of legal tactics will only result in more and more people violating the law, until it becomes meaningless.

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