🇬🇧 Hey, y'all!
Starting now, we're replacing twitter mentions with twitter.activitypub.actor! This will make mentions, such as @renatolond more natural than they are right now!

Let me know of any issues!

Huge thanks to @David

🇧🇷 Oi, povo! A partir de agora estamos substituindo menções do twitter com twitter.activitypub.actor! Isso vai fazer com que as menções, como @renatolond mais naturais do que são agora.

Me avisem de qualquer problema!

Muito obrigado à @David

-- @renatolond

@pinkprius it creates an actor which can be seen as a regular activitypub actor, and when clicked, links back to Twitter. There's more info here: activitypub.actor

@crossposter @David

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