I am looking for a to play with.
It would need decent speed to try some virtualization and run heavy software like nextcloud and the like, a minecraft would be nice to have.

I have been looking for intel NUCs etc, but they are expensive.
Do you think a 100€ thinkpad x240 or t440 would be a good alternative? I think so, but I might be missing something. Low power usage is important.

t440 can do 2 ram sticks, both have low TDP dual cores.

@pinkprius The Thinkpads are probably a lot more powerful than you'll need, except if you're hosting a lot of video content. Disk I/O bandwidth is the main constraint, so use an SSD.
@pinkprius I'm not really a gamer, but for minecraft I think some people run the server on a ramdisk and then do occasional snapshots of the partition. That would allow for the fastest possible throughput.


On paper, it looks like a good idea to me. Alongside the low power consumption, you would also have an integrated UPS (the battery), which is really nice to have for a server.

I would definitely try it. In fact, I've been thinking to do the same by myself, but I didn't commit to it so far.

@pinkprius I just started playing around with #homelabos ( on my old X220, including nextcloud and other stuff. Performance-wise there are no problems at all.

But I have no idea if minecraft would work. As much as such suggestions are annoying, maybe minetest or truecraft are more efficient when hosted on slower hardware.

If my core2duo based enterprise pc can rune a Minecraft server just fine. You should be too unless you plan to have more then 5-10 people om that server.

@pinkprius I was actually going to suggest a cheap, old ThinkPad. My home servers tend to be old Thinkpads.

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