> I simply type in binary

Uh, yes. Sure. Very simple.

@pinkprius I wonder what a modern one could look like?

Could use a cargo e-bike as the base vehicle and still have plenty of power both for the bike accus and the computer (customised Pine64 could be ideal if those don't use a lot of power)

@vfrmedia a modern one would be very powerful. It could be faster, recumbent bikes are very efficient, of course an e-bike.
For computers I would ofc choose some kind of data connection, low-power computers and lots of lightweight screen estate.
I think a modern one could look more slick, have more battery and still be powered by solar panels? Powering electric bikes with solar isn't totally easy thought.

@pinkprius solar might have enough power to charge up the aux batteries for computers, but probably not the whole bike (OTOH even a powerful e-bike uses way less power to charge than an old incandescent light bulb, the charger is basically a giant laptop charger...

@vfrmedia yeah I think there are biking records being done by ebike with solar on top but the panels are kinda large.

@pinkprius that was in 1988! I still can not believe it. Computer and bike in the middle of the road. I'm excited 🤩

@Felicitas @vfrmedia @mezzodrinker @bob @entreprecariat

also apparently the uploader of the video on yt is the guy himself and is still doing similar things with boats now?!

@pinkprius "I type in binary" as if it was the most natural thing in the world 😀

@pinkprius what's most amazing is that nearly all his tech kit is now replicated in a single mobile phone.

He has a website that's got a lot of how-to material

@pinkprius I remember being in to him for a while back in the day and following what he was up to - I can't even remember now what "follow" would have back then... probly usenet forums and bbs 😂

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