So in Germany they tore down some church for of all things, an unprofitable and terribly climate-damaging form of energy.

@pinkprius Also looked at the replasment church and its a mordern one. FFS Destroying a bueatiful building and replacin git with an ugly one that will go of fashion in two years

@JarlavGrenlandUpir that old story again. This church was not historic. It's in that very provided Wiki article (Kudos @pinkprius - usually that's skipped for the sake of the "argument").

It just _looked_ historic.

I dabble in history. Especially medieval period. There is more valueable stuff to rescue. Modern decorated bricks do not belong into this category. Unrelated to the coal idiocy.

@bekopharm @JarlavGrenlandUpir
I regretted posting this earlier, because I don't really care about a church I think.
But I don't like how for coal stuff is being demolished, no matter what it is. So didn't delete the post.

@pinkprius @bekopharm Yeah, tho deciding what to keep and what to throw away is the biggest question. Removing the church to dig up coal isn't gonna be profitable for awhile. It cost lots of money to tear dowm the building, then it cost mony to build a replacment.

@JarlavGrenlandUpir @pinkprius ffs get real. You are pirate party? Aren't you supposed to be the type to decide on facts and do their research?

@bekopharm: Just becuase it was an old building built in the 1800 dosnt mean it dost hold any significent value ( also i read the wikipage befor commenting the orginal comment). I do also have a personal bias towards stuff that looks old. becuase they look more pleasing to my eyes then the modern white buildings with tons of glass.

I do agree. On the other hand, not in the least surprised that #RWE was involved. How that company continues to exist I'll never know.

Never mind their lack of environmental credentials. They are responsible for the murders of a number of people in #Africa.

@JarlavGrenlandUpir @pinkprius


Wonder what would have happened if it was a mosque instead of a church.. 🤔

@pinkprius I'm a Muslim and I don't care much about churches. I can tell that for architects and artists like me, this is the loss of a grandly constructed ancient building. I hope that the artists managed to painting this building.


#RWE destroyed the whole area. Many small villages were wiped off the map. To get some lignite or just enough earth to fill up old holes.
When the game is over in 15 years, those in charge want to flood the mine for 40 years by tapping the Rhine.

Btw: the catholic church in the neighored #Otzenrath was even more unique.

When the girl of your first real kiss is gone, that is sad. But when the whole fucking town where you first kissed her is gone, it murders the memories.

And they built a new one ... That is really awful ! Insane !!

@pinkprius it’s fine they built a new one just as beautiful... oh... wait...

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